Thursday, 22 September 2011

Never Argue With A Fool – They Will Drag You Down To Their Level, Then Beat You With Experience!

Do you feel like every time you get involved in an argument, you have got to win? If you know that someone is wrong, and you have a solution, do you feel like, you’ve to argue with them until they embrace your point? You can try, but if the person you’re arguing with is a fool, you will be hitting your head against a rock! It won’t work.
You don’t need to win an argument. If someone doesn’t want to listen to you, leave them be. If you tell them your point, and they don’t want to listen, keep quiet and let it go! I admit there are some who need a little convincing to get your point, but there are those who are simply fools, who take pride in arguing; believing they are always right. Don’t waste your time with those.

I’ll admit, there are some arguments that are constructive, when both parties are seeking a solution. Those kinds of arguments are rewarding. Both parties will be helping each other to come out with a better solution. But, in most cases, people argue for the sake of arguing. Arguing for the sake of arguing is a waste of time.

There are people in this world you just need to ignore if they behave or act in a foolish manner. They take pride in making other people angry. They enjoy winning arguments no matter how wrong or ignorant they might be. Some of them know which buttons to press to get you angry, and if you decide to argue with them, you’ll be heading towards their trap.

Fools like to see you getting angry, swearing, and speaking negative words or getting involved in a fight with them. They do what they do fully aware that they’re tickling you to get upset. Trying to argue with those guys, thinking they might get your point or understand how you do things, will not work. Don’t try to prove anything to theme. Your only solution is to watch, listen, observe and keep your mouth shut.
If you feel tempted to answer to a fool, don’t do it. Ignore them, even if you feel like screaming to them. Your silence will prevent you from converting to their cult of foolishness. If you argue with a fool, you’ll become a fool just like them, and you’ll make a fool of yourself!

Some people, you just have to let them be. Let them behave the way they do, let them say whatever they want to say against you, let them go behind your back and say all those lies about you. You don’t need to fight them. That’s exactly what they will be looking for from you. Don’t even go around trying to justify yourself to the world about your innocence. Leave it like that.

Nota Jari:- ermmm..ciplak dr kwn punya kwn punya kwn...n xtanya pl kwn punya kwn punya kwn tu dpt nota ni dari mn???so sorry ye, klu ciplak kan ni menyinggung ati pemilik asal!!!

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